Stand of Defiance European Movement was started by Steven Bray in September 2017. Like so many people, he’d felt ignored and unrepresented since the referendum just over a year before.  The protests where hundreds of thousands had taken to the streets to demonstrate how they felt, had largely been ignored by both government and the press.

Steve felt it was time to do something different, in a place where his voice would be heard, where the decisions were being made by the very people who weren’t listening: Parliament.

He organised a ‘Day of Action’ on the day MPs returned from their summer recess.  He wanted an event where like-minded people could come together in defiance against the way they’d been disenfranchised.

People travelled from across the UK. MPs and Lords stopped to offer their support. Passers by expressed their thanks.  The press took photos. The protest even appeared on TV News.

And SODEM was born.

The Day of Action quickly transformed into the “Daily Parliament Protest” that we see today. Being outside Parliament means we can oppose Brexit and show support to the MPs and Lords fighting on our behalf. It sends a clear message both to the public and the politicians that Brexit is not the will of the people and it is OK to say so.

Steve is outside Parliament from 11am – 6pm every day that MPs are in session.  Anyone is welcome to join him.  And every day they do.

Come and make your voice heard.  Flags available!

In Steve’s words: ‘It’s not a done deal.’

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