If you can't join the protest but would like to help keep SODEM going...

If you can’t join the protest but would like to contribute to keeping SODEM going you can.

Donations go towards flags, poles, banners and other equipment we need to keep Sodem in the spotlight.

Please click here to make a donation

We are committed to transparency.

Steven Bray provided initial funding to launch this protest. For several months he personally funded all equipment, including flags, flag poles and accessories, banners, leaflets and other costs to grow the daily protest.

As the SODEM protest has risen in popularity and will continue indefinitely, help to cover costs has come from individual supporters who make donations through this page or buy our merchandise.

All money received pays for the associated costs of keeping SODEM’s daily protest going.

Please contact us at protest@sodemaction.co.uk if you would like further information